GP-99 middle range Proximity card reader


GP-99 Middle Range Proximity Card Reader Manufacturer For Hands Free Access Control

As an RFID manufacturer, JUTAI provides customers with various RFID frequency card reader solutions, including short range RFID 13.56Mhz, middle range reader with 125Khz frequency, long range UHF reader, 2.45Ghz long-distance card reader. JUTAI low-frequency GP-99 middle range Proximity card reader is a parking vehicle access management and access control system. The frequency band is 125kHz RFID. According to the general scene environment, the reading range can reach 130cm, which can effectively Through the car Solar Film (V-KOOL), the EM-51 proximity card inside the car can be read without opening the car window.

GP-99 middle range proximity card reader

GP-99 middle range Proximity card reader provides customers with a very good experience, so that customers do not need to open the car window on rainy days to avoid being wet by the rain, but also greatly reduce the risk of car robbery at the entrance, and the well-made cards are not easy to be broken, which can reduce the cost, it is an ideal solution for access control management, parking access management, attendance system management, bus attendance and other applications, suitable for residential areas and commercial buildings., etc.

Middle range RFID reader with proximity card and power supply

There are some of GP-99 middle range Proximity card reader advantages

1. The GP-99 is equipped with a premium power supply.

The interference signal is reduced by filtering technology to obtain interference-free current. It can reduce external environmental interference and has lightning protection.

Card reader power supply 12v

2. Anti-reread function.

When two readers are installed on the same site, the distance between the two readers is  1.8-2 meters, when one card reader reads the card ID in the inductive range, the other card reader will no longer read the card within 3s/10s. This function is mainly used to solve the problem of two card reader interferences with the relatively close distance between the entrance and exit of the parking lot.

Parking access conrrol anti-reread function

3. Anti-interference

In the same environment, GP99 has strong anti-interference ability and automatic adjustment function to adapt to the surrounding environment without interference.

4. Signal LED indicator

When read the cards, it has LED display and sound.

GP-90A proximity reader 

5. Loop detector function (optional).

The vehicle can be managed by the pressure sensing function to reduce the malfunction and open the door. The JUTAI GP99 features a grounding capability for use with our vehicle loop detectors. For some special applications, you can connect to the ground loop detector. When the vehicle is pressed to the ground loop coil, the card can start working with the card reader, which makes the whole system highly reliable and safe.

6. IP65 waterproof rating.

Our card readers are IP65 rated for perfect work in rainy days, saving you cost without the need for extra accessories.

7. GP99 software can be upgraded and the maintenance cost is low.

8. Long service life, product warranty is two years.

9. Best reading range: 130cm (Install GP99 should avoid direct contact with metal, 10-15cm apart).

Why it works with the JUTAI EM card, the card reading distance is more stable?

The card coil of the usual product is compared with the number of turns of the JUTAI EM-51 card, and the card of poor quality can reduce the reading distance by up to 50%.

The JUTAI EM-51 card is pressed by an ultrasonic machine. The card has a longer service life and is not easily damaged. The normal cards on the market are glued and easy to crack when used for a long time.

10. GP-99 casing cover

hardshell shell cover, it has the function of convenient maintenance and better protection of products compared with the traditional sealing mode, without causing waste and increasing cost.

11. With the card sticker, it can realize hand-free entry/exit.

With the high and low temperature testing, JUTAI's Card holder can be completely attached to the windshield inside or outside the car, and the card is automatically read and no need open car window.

12. With Wiegand interface

The GP-99 with Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34 allows customers to directly integrate with existing access control systems.

13. With RS232/RS485 interface

Customers can connect to PC software directly via RS232.

14. Products Package

Strict packaging is to ensure that the products can perfectly reach to our customers and work effectively. JUTAI has a professional quality inspection department and packaging department and pays great attention to quality control and packaging materials.


We believe that you will be very satisfied with our GP-99 middle range Proximity card reader quality and service!

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