RFID one card access control solution

How to use RFID one card access control solution for gate security

Access control smart card refers to manage the building or community access control system by using one smart card solution.

JUTAI developed and produced the ID-52 active smart card with the frequency of 2.4GHz~2.483GHz&125K&13.56MHz, which not only can use for 13.56MHz Mifare card reader but also can work with JUTAI hands-free middle range readers or long range readers, users can perfectly put the smart cards inside the bags or pocket so that it can work automatically within the inductive waking up range, it is very convenient and efficient; Comparing with the other active RFID cards on the market, JUTAI smart card use Ultra-low power consumption and one pcs CR2032 button battery with 2 years using life at least; Beside, JUTAI adopted frequency hopping and strong encryption to the card info by the unique program encryption technology, data transmitting to reader after multi-type checking way for data processing, JUTAI RFID one card access control solution cannot be copied and it is very safe for our users.

RFID one card access control solution

JUTAI RFID one card access control solution application has penetrated into every field of society and played an increasingly important role. Such as time attendance, patrolling, repast, consumption, fitness, health, parking lot, library, meeting attendance, visitor management, elevator control management, office equipment, and property management fee, etc., also applies to the access control management system and Hands-free parking lot management systems, elevator management system, access management system, personnel tracking system, alarm system, automatic door system, rolling door operator system and so on.

Whole building security access control

After years of industry development, JUTAI has independently developed and summarized the following intelligent one-card solutions, which can well meet the needs of different RFID reader solutions in project applications.            

Middle range reader and card

JUTAI provides a series of waking active card readers with different distances to meet the needs of projects:  1-2.6m, 1-4m, 1-9m; In addition, there is a door control receiver controlled by remote buttons;

card reader specification


JUTAI offers customers with a complete set of solution system, including JUTAI access control system hardware and software, including single door control board, double door control board, four door control board, elevator control board and management software.

door access control panel specification

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