Vehicle Loop Detector Manufactured by JUTAI

Vehicle loop detector Made By JUTAI

Vehicle Loop Detector manufactured by ShenZhen JUTAI COMM CO., LTD And Which has an irreplaceable advantage from design to function to application.more info can refer to  webside

Vehicle Loop detector

1. LD-100 Single Channel Loop Detector With Multi-level sensitivity                                                                                

JUTAI  vehicle detectors have 16-speed sensitivity level, so that different heights, different types and different weights can be set very flexible to meet the needs of various cases.

2. JUTAI Inductive Vehicle Loop Detector With Large width detection range                                                                                                       

JUTAI  vehicle detectors have an extremely wide detection range from 15μh to 2000μh. From small models, motorcycles, cars, large trucks, container trucks, and a vehicle detector, these different types can be detected. The vehicle model is reliable and stable. The vehicle detectors designed by other companies have a very narrow detection range. Most of the detection values are in the range of 150μh-300μh. The easy problem is that the car is detected and the motorcycle is not detected. The car, the motorcycle was detected, and the big truck was not detected, which caused many cases to be unusable. In addition, the customer would be very passive, so choose a stable and reliable vehicle detector in the parking lot, automatic door or traffic control Application in the system is very necessary;

loop detector used in parking

3. JUTAI Inductive Loop Detector With Large Application Range

JUTAI vehicle detectors can be used not only in parking lots, but also in gates for vehicle access. Our vehicle detectors are also successfully applied to the Malaysian traffic control system, Ghana's highway toll system, single lane. Traffic light control system, automatic door access control system, urban parking space guidance system, for direction identification.

vehicle loop detector feedback

4. Superior temperature adaptability

JUTAI vehicle detectors work perfectly from -40 degrees to 75 degrees and are not affected by large changes in temperature.

vehicle loop detector

5. Super beautiful price To JUTAI Inductive Vehicle LoopDetector

Compared with the same quality Vehicle Loop Detector, even some of the performances in Europe and America are not as good as ours, JUTAI Loop Detector prices have absolute advantages.

I believe customers use our vehicle detectors,and Will definitely fall in love with our quality and service,Thank you very much for selecting JUTAI Gate Access.

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