Auto Barrier Gate Loop Sensor Single Channel Inductive Loop Detection

Auto Barrier Gate Loop Sensor Single Channel Inductive Loop Detection

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: JTLD-100
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:CE, FC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:sample order within 2 days, normal order 5-10 days
  • Payment Method:T/T, Western Union, PalPal
  • Package Details:140*90*55 mm(1 nos), 460*260*280 mm(50 nos)
  • Ability to Supply:20000 pcs per month single channel loop detector
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Advanced Singel Channel Auto Barrier Gate Loop Sensor With High Performance

Jutai single channel loop detector manufacturer adopts advanced technology and continued different testing environment, mostly can detect nearly all type of cars, like a small car, motorcycle, truck, lorry, etc. JUTAI provides advanced technologies for a better performance single channel loop detector. JUTAI vehicle loop detector suitable for parking, highway toll station, and traffic signal control, etc. The detector is a single channel loop detector, which only can simultaneously monitor an inductance coil. It has two relays to output signals, so the user can choose a different output signal to control the mechanical drive, the card device or vehicles counting.


Auto Barrier Gate Singel Channel Loop Detector Technical Data

Auto Barrier Gate Singel Channel Loop Detectors Technical Data 






Package with Socket



Operation Voltage


12-24VADC (JTLD-102,JTLD-106)

Loop Inductance

20-2000uH Loop value

Working Frequency


Reaction Time



8 levels,(0 is lowest, 7 is highest)

Output mode

Presence/Pulse relay

Visual Indications

Power LED-Red/ Channel LED-Green
Integral Fault Relay Provide an output in the event of loop fault condition, or can connect a alarm indicator.
Relay Time 0,2,4,8,10,15,20,30 Seconds Can Be Choose
Housing Color Green Or OEM/ODM


Auto Barrier Gate Loop Sensor Features

Compact Size: the compact and well-engineered housing  Combines all of the industry requirements regarding features and functionality and allows this detector to be  Incorporated into any or existing traffic detection system. 
Diagnostic Capabilities: Comprehensive diagnostics  Capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and Installation problems.
Selectable Presence Time: The output of the presence Relay loop sensor can be selected to limit a detect output to a fixed time(time>30 minutes)while a vehicle remains on the Loop Frequency Indication: Interference between adjacent single channel loop detectors can be determined by an integral indication, and eliminated by changing the frequency setting.

Two separate output relays:
Presence Relay A is presence output. Can be extended for 0,2,5,8,10,15,20 or 30 seconds, programmable with external 10 way DIP switches.
Pulse Relay B, programmable with external 10 way DIP switches, provides presence, pulse on entry, pulse on exit, or failed output.


Single Channel Loop Detectors Switch Instruction

Auto barrier gate loop sensor Switch Intruction

Switch 1 (Trimpot), Sensitivity selection

Sensitivity of the loop can be adjusted by the trimpot labeled “Sensitivity”. User can select 16 different setting by turning the trmpot with 0 being the least sensitive and “F” being the most sensitive.

Switch 2(Dip switch setting)

  1. DIP 1 &DIP 2 Setting special functions
  2. DIP 3 &DIP 4 Setting relay B output
  3. DIP 5 Setting automatic reset
  4. DIP 6 &DIP 7 &DIP 8 Setting realy & delay
  5. DIP 9 & DIP 10 setting frequency (40k to 100 khz).Used to avoid the interference.


Auto Barrier Gate Loop Detector Applications

  • Automatic Gate
  • Traffic Light System
  • Gate Drive Mechanisms
  • Operating Barriers
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Activating Card Dispensers in Parking Lots.

auto barrier gate loop detector application

JUTAI Auto Barrier Gate Loop Sensor Ordering Information

LD-100  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC(EU standard)

LD-102  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC(EU standard)

LD-105  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC(USA standard)

LD-106  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC(USA standard)

Advanced Vehicle Loop Detector Barrier Gate Control With High Performance


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