Photoelectric Beam Infrared IR Safety Detector For Automatic Doors

Photoelectric Beam Infrared IR  Safety Detector For Automatic Doors

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: IR-20M
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE/ROHS/FCC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 10
  • Average Delivery Time:Sample order 3-4 days,normal order 5-10 days
  • Payment Method:TT/Western Union,PayPal
  • Package Details:Carton Box,11.5*11*3.5CM/Pcs
  • Ability to Supply:10000set/month
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IR Detector Safety Infrared Photocell Sensor Used For Automatic Doors

Photoelectric beam infrared IR detector safety sensor for automatic doors has been widely used in military access control systems in some countries in the Middle East, the entry control system of the government building, and the military parking lot, highway safety detection system. After a long period of technical precipitation and accumulation, we have won the trust and favor of more and more multinational companies with excellent quality standards.


Infrared Photocell Sensor For Automatic Doors  Advantage


Products Name:Photoelectric Beam Infrared IR Detector Safety Sensor For Automatic Doors
Power Supply:12/24VAV/DC
Detection Distance:With 20m Stable Detection Distance
Operate Temperature:-10degree to 60 degree
Max TX Working Current:25mA
Max RX Working Current:35mA
Max Relay Contract:Max.Range Up:20Meters(Indoor or Outdoor)
IP Rate:IP65
Cover Material:Anti-UV material
Can Working At Outside Directly
Face To Sunlight, Distance Not Reduce
OEM/ODM:OEM/ODM Service Offered
Warranty Life:24 Month
Color:Black Housing
Net Weight:160g


Infrared Photocell Sensor For Automatic Doors Precautions


  • Avoid facing strong sunlight, car headlights, etc when intall the IR-20 Photoelectric Beam Sensor
  • Avoid reflections from the transmitter of photoelectric Beam Sensor  or receiver of photoelectric Beam Sensor;
  •  Do not install the photoelectric Beam Sensor on an unstable surface.
  • Consider the seasonal changes, do not install in places where the beam may be blocked by leaves or plants.
  • Do not install the photoelectric beam snesor in places that may be bombarded by dirty water or directly splashed by the waves


Connection Details to Photoelectric Beam Infrared IR  Safety Detector For Automatic Doors


The JUTAI Photoelectric Beam Infrared IR  Safety Detector For Automatic Doors with very small in size. We draw detailed dimensional drawings so that customers can more easily understand our products and easily determine the appropriate installation method


photocell sensor connect


















Package Details of Photoelectric Beam Infrared IR  Safety Detector For Automatic Doors

sensor package safety sensor package

                    sensor photocell


Why Choose JUTAI


JUTAI is a very professional manufacturer of wireless infrared detector products. We have made a series of wireless detection products around automatic doors, garage doors, rolling gates and gates. It has gained the trust and recognition of more and more large companies in the world.


jutai team

















































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