High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Metal Detector For Parking Management System

High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Metal Detector For Parking Management System

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  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: JTLD-106
  • Country of Origin:shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:CE, FC

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  • Price Quote:negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 1pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:sample order within 2 days, normal order 5-7days
  • Payment Method:T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Package Details:1pcs per box, 50pcs one carton box
  • Ability to Supply:20000pcs per month single channel loop detector
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High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Safety Loop For Barrier Gate 

JUTAI as high sensitivity single channel loop detectors manufacturer, designed for vehicles access applications, and interfaces seamlessly with the standard loop detectors 11-pin bases highly sensitive found in the majority of vehicle access systems. It mostly uses for free-exit loops, safety loops, closing loops for traffic barriers, arming loops for access control parking vehicle sensing applications. 


High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Features

1. Compatible with the parking management system.

2. Easy installation and operation.

3. Connects one inductive loop (single channel).

4. Application for Parking lot entrances Vehicle detection, Parking lot space information acquisition system, Electronic police traffic lights snap shot system, Traffic monitoring system etc.


High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Operation and Indication

When the power is applied, the red Power LED will glow and the detector is tuning, the green Check LED blink about 3 seconds. The green LED will also glow whenever a vehicle is detected passing over the inductive loop. If a loop fault exists the green LED will come on and flash indicating a fault. 


High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Specifications

  • Model:  JTLD-105(1channel, USA type)
  • Dimension: 112*75*42mm
  • Socket: Have
  • NT: 190g
  • Operation Voltage: 110-240VAC (48 to 62Hz) / 12-24VADC(48 to 62Hz)
  • Loop Inductance: 15H-2000uH
  • Working Frequency 20KHZ-80KHZ
  • Reaction Time : 10-90ms
  • Sensitivity: 8 levels,(0 is lowest, 7 is highest)
  • Output Type: Two relays signal
  • Output Mode:  Presence/Pulse/Visual Indication

High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector OEM/ODM Service

Loop Installation

All permanent loop installations should be installed in the roadway by cutting slots with a masonry cutting disc or similar device. A 45° crosscut should be made across the loop corners to reduce the chance of damage that can be caused to the loop wire insulation at right angle corners.

Loop detectors are used to detect the presence of vehicles. The loop is connected to the detector. 

Exit loops are used to open gates to allow a vehicle's exit. 
Safety loops are used to prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle. Two loops can be wired to one detector. This is frequently the case in safety loops. Loops are placed in 
front and behind the gate.

Shadow Loops are typically used in commercial locations. They close the gate as soon as a vehicle passes over them deterring other vehicles from tailgating in behind them.


Why choose jutai vehicle access control single channel loop detector

  1. High-temperature stability, used in kinds of environment
  2. Environment drifting compensate automatically
  3. Multilevel lightning protection
  4. With the function of sensing loop malfunction automatically (disconnection or cutting-out)
  5. Cooperate with the barrier gate to realize vehicle anti-hit and automatic close function


High Sensitivity Single Channel Loop Detector Application

  • Parking Guidance System
  • Car Locating System
  • Parking Management system
  • Traffic control applications
  • Toll systems
  • Vehicle counting
  • Traffic Analysis

traffic control system loop detector applications


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