Barrier Gate Operator Have Anti-pass Back Function with Inductive Loop Detector

Barrier Gate Operator Have Anti-pass Back Function with Inductive Loop Detector
Barrier Gate Operator Have Anti-pass Back Function with Inductive Loop Detector
Barrier Gate Operator Have Anti-pass Back Function with Inductive Loop Detector
Barrier Gate Operator Have Anti-pass Back Function with Inductive Loop Detector
Barrier Gate Operator Have Anti-pass Back Function with Inductive Loop Detector

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: JTBR-110
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 set
  • Average Delivery Time:3-7 days after received payment
  • Payment Method:T/T, Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:1 sets in on carton
  • Ability to Supply:1000 set a month
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90 Degree Folding Arm Barrier Gate Operator with 5m Arm Barrier 

JUTAI barrier gate operator is the most popular product in Taiwan, it is about 300-400 sets export amounts barrier gate every month. JUTAI is considered the best barrier gate operator supplier from China, specializing in the barrier gate and vehicle loop detector. JUTAI - barrier gate wholesale is your best choice for boom barrier gate have anti-passback function with Inductive-loop detector.


90 Degree Folding Barrier Gate Operator Specifications

Model JTBR-110
Power 100w/120W

Cold roll plate, Galvanized plate or stainless steel

varnish baking, 3 years without fading

Running Time 1.5s, 3s, 6s 
Operating Temperature -45°C to 75°C
Voltage 220V ± 10%, 110V ± 10%
Relative Humidity <90% coagulation free
Motor speed 30r/min
Boom length Max 6 meters
Net weight: 50Kg
MCBF ≥5, 000, 000 times
Housing Size 320*280*935mm
Boom Type

Straight arm: Mar 1-6 meters optional, 

size 45×100mm  aluminum alloy.

Folding arm: 90°folding arm / 180°folding arm, aluminum alloy

Fence arm: Two or three fence arm, 

Mar1- 6  meters, aluminum alloy

Related accessories infrared sensors, loop detectors, traffic light, UHF readers
Application Parking Lots, Toll Gates, Goods Yards, Railway Crossings,
Commercial Premises, Apartment Block 
Traffic light 100mm traffic led light 



1. This barrier gate is widely used for the facilities of parking lots, traffic or toll system, we don’t suggest for high way and other heavy-duty application.

2. Arms can be chosen from 2 meters to 6 meters.

3. The manual handle can be used to open the arm in case of power off.

4. All the process is soft without any noise and shaking.

5. This barrier gate has many input terminals for photocell, Airwave switch, loop detector, LED light bar, toll gate system, and output terminals for flashing light.


Optional Accessories

1. Loop detector: single loop detector or dual channel loop detector

2. Infrared Photocell  sensor

3.Barrier gate controller board

4. Traffic LED light 

5. RFID reader

Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate

What can we do for our customer?

Service for free:

1. One year free service is supplied(not including the arm)

2. Lifetime charged service is supplied

3. Technical service is supplied

4. OEM: we can customized machine case, color, the logo for you, which according to your detailed requirements.

5. Technical support and aftersales service, it is a long-term relationship between us.

6. Price can be negotiable when you have a big order quantity.

Service for charging:

1. Broken by the wrong installation

2. Broken by improper voltage

3. The surfaces of the barrier destroyed by wrong installation and usage

4. Overdue service items are out of our promise.


Common Malfunctions and Solutions

1 The arm is no reaction when connecting the power and press the open/close key.

a: Check the controller’s power supply and fuse.

b. There is no battery or power shortage on the remote control, the distance is too far.

c.There is co-frequency interference in the vicinity, check with the wire control interface to see if it’s normal.

d. The external protection circuit has failed or in a protected state, check the infrared device or loop detector device.

e: Check the motor and capacitor to see if invalid.

2 The boom could not raise up or fall down when pressing the open/close key.

a: The photoelectric limit is in bad contact, check the connections.

b: Replace the photoelectric limit switch.

3 The motor is buzz, the boom is no reaction when pressing the open/close key.

a: The voltage is insufficient, check the 220V power supply.

b: The gears are stuck, and hand wheel rotates several circles toward the loose place, and re-adjust the photoelectric limit to prevent the struck caused by mechanical limit from being before the photoelectric limit.

c: It’s an imbalance between the balance spring and boom,re-adjust it.

4 The boom  Barrier Gate is not horizontal and vertical.

a: The photoelectric limit is a shaft,re-adjust and fix.

b: Check the connection rod and adjust the boom to horizontal and vertical, and make the photoelectric limit acts before the mechanical limit.

5 The force for arm up become smaller, sometimes need the handle assistance to make it up.

a: Check the motor and capacitor.

b: Re-adjust the spring balance.



We use strong carton case with air bubble filled inside to protect products and save your cost.

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