UHF RFID Reader 7-10m Long Range Reader TCP/ IP Interface Card Reader

UHF RFID Reader 7-10m Long Range Reader TCP/ IP Interface Card Reader
UHF RFID Reader 7-10m Long Range Reader TCP/ IP Interface Card Reader
UHF RFID Reader 7-10m Long Range Reader TCP/ IP Interface Card Reader
UHF RFID Reader 7-10m Long Range Reader TCP/ IP Interface Card Reader
UHF RFID Reader 7-10m Long Range Reader TCP/ IP Interface Card Reader

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: PUHF-9
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE/FC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 1Set
  • Average Delivery Time:T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Payment Method:T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Package Details:1Set/box 10 set/Carton
  • Ability to Supply:1000set/Month
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UHF RFID Reader For Traffic Highway ETC System

Jutai access control UHF long ranger reader factory from China, UHF long distance card reader with high performance and fast reading feature, users can easily integrate to traffic highway ETC system, In addition, PUHF-9  UHF long ranger reader waterproof with IP65, which can work in any outdoor environment, also compatible with any brand access controller by using Wiegand 26/34, or RS485 interface.


UHF Rfid Reader Price 7-10m Long Range RFID Reader TCP/ IP Interface Rfid Card Reader Future Introduction

  1. Support for EPC global Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)

  2. FCC/CE certificated

  3. Compatible with access controller using Wiegand26/34/66 interface and RS485 port

  4. Special-designed antenna pattern to reduce undesired identification disturbance 

  5. Ideal read distance 7-10 meters 

  6. Energy-saving design 

  7. FHSS radio transmission

  8. Invention patent for EMI reduction 

  9. Waterproof with IPX6 suitable for outdoor environment

  10. Easy to install and use;


Application Of JUTAI UHF Long Range Reader

1)Transport Management: roads, railways, transport management and management of container transportation 
2)Motor vehicle management: Public Security and Traffic monitoring and management of the Department of Motor Vehicles;
3)Toll: Since this product has the ability to distance high - speed read Tag data, the toll may not stop 
4)Customs clearance management: customs clearance, transit goods, and vehicle management
5)Warehousing and logistics management: the flow of goods and warehouse management and mail, package, aviation baggage, and flow management
6)Parking management: to realize management and charge automation
7)Access management: including the vehicles and personnel in and out management
8)Process production process: in the whole production process monitoring components


Data Transmission Line Of JUTAI UHF Long Range Reader

After reader powered card reader immediately into the search mode or trigger mode and receive data packets from the electronic tags, and then output.


Reader Antenna Polarization Of JUTAI UHF Long Range Reader 

 JUTAI UHF Rfid Reader


Commissioning Of JUTAI UHF Rfid Reader

  •  Readers should not face to each other to avoid reading conflicts.

  •  The distance between two readers is at least 2.5m.

  •  U-shaped mounting bracket can be used to adjust the angle of the reader in order to achieve the best reading distance.


Operation Of UHF Reader

Power up: When powered on, the buzzer will 'Didi' even rang twice, then the device to work. If you do not hear the sound, check the power supply is connected correctly.

Reader Test: Let the cards in front of the reader to move around. After reading card  Number, the buzzer will sound and the red LED will blink inside the panel. Do not stick the card in the palm of the hand or on the body, and do not use the card posted on the metal object, it will affect the reader results.


Installation Guide Of UHF Reader

 JUTAI UHF Rfid Reader installation


Order Reference To JUTAI UHF Long Range Reader

 JUTAI UHF Rfid Reader package


Projects Reference To UHF RFID Reader

 JUTAI UHF Rfid Reader project

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