Microwave Motion Radar Detector for Industrial Automatic Door People/car

Microwave Motion Radar Detector for all kinds of Aotomatic Door

Microwave motion radar sensors have been specially designed to increase the comfort of opening all types of automatic doors. The RVP42-9M microwaves provide fast detection for all automatic door installations and particularly for applications with high-speed entries. Due to the industrial design and easy installation, these sensors will fit on every header or ceiling in any application you can imagine. #Motion Radar

RVP42-9ME RVP42-9BW RVP42-R RVP42-BW APP QR Code RD24-4

Microwave Motion Radar

Typical version

Distinguish pedestrians and vehicles

motion sensors

Support APP seting version

Distinguish pedestrians and vehicles

radar remote

Radar setting remote 

Effective for both RVP42-9ME and RVP42-9BW

APP setting QR

Android:Scan the QR Code

IOS: Search "GL Control" on App store  

general radar

Universal automatic door sensor

Two channel


Product description

A Microwave Motion Radar Detector is an essential component designed for various types of automatic doors. This advanced device utilizes microwave technology to accurately detect and monitor motion within its designated range. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for ensuring seamless operation of automatic doors in a wide range of environments. #Microwave Motion Sensor

With its high-frequency microwave emission, the radar detector is capable of detecting even the slightest movements, including approaching individuals or vehicles. Its precision allows for swift and accurate detection, enabling automatic doors to open and close promptly, enhancing convenience and safety for users.

The compact and durable design of the microwave motion radar detector allows for easy installation and integration into existing automatic door systems. Its robust construction ensures reliable operation even in challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures or harsh weather.

Additionally, the radar detector offers adjustable sensitivity settings, allowing users to customize the detection range based on specific requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal performance in different settings, such as high-traffic areas or narrow corridors. #Intelligent Control


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