Barrier Radar Detector RD24-6M Introduction

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Barrier Radar Detector RD24-6M Detailed Introduction

Barrier Radar Detector


Product description:

JUTAI RD24-6M vehicle motion sensor utilizes K-band microwave technology to detect people and vehicles from an overhead position. It provides wide coverage and high resolution to activate all types of automatic doors and industrial gates and traffic barrier.The RD24-6M is easily installed at a height up to 20 feet (6 meters). With its versatile mechanical orientation, the RD24-6M ensures accurate positioning to the required coverage area. The detection sensitivity and direction of movement (approaching,leaving or both) are programmed by reset switch settings. #Barrier Radar Detector

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First,The JUTAI RD24-6M radar detector can distinguish people and vehicles well. It has strong anti-interference ability and the radar anti-smashing is safe and reliable.

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Water resistant to IP67, can be fully qualified for all kinds of snow, humidity and other harsh environments, easy to install, long life, maintenance-free, allowing you to use more peace of mind. To remind, this light anti-rain, but not completely immersed in water use.

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JUTAI's RD24-6M radar vehicle detector is simple and practical. convenient and simple to set up.Then set up various menus by checking the lighting conditions of the indicator lights.



The sensing distance of JUTAI RD24-6M radar detector: The reading corresponds to a distance of 1-6 meters.It can be determined according to the pole length of the barrier, and can be set flexibly.


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JUTAI's RD24-6M radar vehicle detector is accurate and sensitive tobounce in response to resistance, making it safer and more reliable.

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JUTAI's RD24-6M radar vehicle detector has two detection modes to choose from: vehicle detection, human detection mode and vehicle detection mode only. Can meet your different choices.

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JUTAl's RD24-6M radar vehicle detector has three levels of sensitivity, high, medium and low. JUTAl's RD24-6M radar vehicle detector can detect many type vehicles with different height and weight, like people, Motorcycle, Truck, Car. Bus. etc.

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Commonly used for various barriers such as straight bar barriers/fence pole barrier/advertising barriers/airborne, automatic gate systems , etc.

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JUTAI is a comprehensive Barrier Gate Operator manufacturer that integrates research, development, production, sales, and distribution. We are driven by innovation and a commitment to quality, dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for our customers. As we build our own brand, we also aim to become a trusted production partner on your journey to establish and promote your own brand. #Barrier Radar Detector 

In summary Barrier Radar for Boom Barrier is an advanced security solution designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of parking lots, road entrances, and vehicle access control points. Using high-precision radar technology, it accurately detects the position of vehicles and obstacles, ensuring swift gate opening and closing, thus improving traffic flow and safety. Operating reliably in all weather conditions, it offers fast and precise vehicle detection, reducing wait times and increasing throughput. With low maintenance costs and a focus on privacy protection, it's a versatile and cost-effective addition to parking management, road access control, and property security systems.


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