Microwave Motion Radar Detector for Industrial door

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Serial Number RVP42-9ME
Country of Origin shenzhen, China
Certificate CE,FCC
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Microwave Motion Radar Product Description:

RP42-9ME/RVP42-9MG is a high-performance motion radar detector forvehicle detection and human detection,specilly developed forindustial doors, garage doors,cold storage doors,road gates and other industie.lt is  with dual relays of vehicle-detection and pedestrian-detection,and can slso open the corresponding relay output as needed.

Meanwhile,RVP12-9ME/RVP42-9MG has a recognition and filter function for horizontally moving vehicles or pedestrians.

Detection Area:The microwave range offers a narrow or wide detection area thatmakes it suitable for all types of installations. The narrow setting is easy to set by simply clicking the narrow lens onto the radar module.By turning the module left orright and tilting it up and down the microwave can be adjusted quickly and easily formany different applications. No external set-up device is needed. Adjust the detection area with a Sensitivity potentiometer.

Microwave Motion Radar

Dual Relays Outputs:lt is a fully customizable,hands-free radar motion sensorequipped with dual relays:
A. Vehicle-detection relay active.
B. Person-detection relay active.
C. Vehicle-detection relay and person-detection relay both active.

The below setting shows only active the vehicle-detection mode,not for person-detection.lt can be set according to your project requirement.

Direction Recognition:lt can be set the direction detection:
A. Motion forward and close to the sensor.
B. Backward movement away from the sensor.
C. Forward and backward.

Energy savings:lt increases energy deeiciency and controls pests by limiting activation to approaching traffic only.Meaning the door will only be left open when someone is using it,and will automatically close when they depart.

speed up workflows:Open doors without having to stop and push a button.Ilnstall orretrofit for both dock and pedestrian doors with automated solution.Adjustable detection settings modes of detection filtering for pedestrian,forklift,and parallel traffic rejection.it can also distinguish between approaching and departing traffic. #Microwave Motion Radar

JUTAI Opening Sensor For Industrial Doors ,which is suitable for various industrial fast doors, stacking doors,garage doors and ther doors application scenarios.

working mode

Secondly, it also has direction recognition. When the car is perpendicular to the door and about to enter the garage, the radar detects and opens the door, and when the car passes the side of the door, instead of entering the door, the vehicle radar does not detect it, the door does not open; The JUTAI opening sensor for industrial doors has a built-in 2-channel relay, one channel for detecting vehicles and the second channel for detecting people.


Third, the JUTAI opening sensor for industrial doors has a lateral motion recognition function, which can effectively prevent random door opening. Direction recognition LT can set up direction detection: 

A. Motion forward and close to the sensor.
B. Backward movement away from the sensor.
C. Forward and backward


Fourth, the industrial door with JUTAI opening sensor can use the remote control to set parameters remotely, a remote control can be universal, as long as a remote control can arbitrarily set the same type of people and vehicles separation radar sensor. Remote control programming enables users to make changes quickly and safely from the ground. The remote control needs to be purchased separately.  #two relay


Fifth, the JUTAI industrial door opening sensor can not only use the remote control to set parameters, but also use Bluetooth to connect to the mobile phone APP to set parameters, which is simple and convenient, with a variety of choices.  #garage door #industrial door


Sixth, the JUTAI opening sensor for industrial doors has a detection height of 1-9 meters. The radar detection surface will be formed from top to bottom. Identify whether it is a person or a car by judging the area of the object, the higher the installation height, the higher the detection accuracy; The detection principle of JUTAI industrial door opening sensor is dynamic detection; It does not detect stationary objects, but moving objects.


Seventh, the JUTAI industrial door opening sensor has the function of adjusting the detection area, which is 1-3: small range detection area; 4-6: medium distance detection area; 7-9: Large-scale detection area. Identify whether it is a person or a car by judging the area of the object, the higher the installation height, the higher the detection accuracy.


Eighth, the installation angle of the JUTAI opening sensor for industrial doors can be adjusted between 0-90 degrees. It can be intelligently adjusted according to different installation scenarios, which is more convenient.


Ninth, it has high and low temperature resistance. JUTAI door opening sensor is used in the working temperature range of -30°C~60°Clt for industrial doors, which can adapt to various outdoor working environments.   #Microwave Motion Radar


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