Vehicle Detect Only Boom Barrier Microwave Detector

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Serial Number RD24-6M
Country of Origin shenzhen, China
Certificate CE,FCC
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Vehicle Detect Only Boom Barrier Microwave Detector  

Product Description

The JUTAI Boom Barrier Radar RD24-6M is an advanced solution for vehicle access management, utilizing high-precision microwave radar technology to achieve rapid and reliable detection of vehicles approaching the barrier area. With all-weather performance suitable for various climate conditions, its long-range detection ensures timely identification of vehicles. The system supports multiple operation modes and intelligent control, including remote monitoring and management, providing a secure, intelligent, and dependable vehicle access control solution. It is applicable to diverse settings such as parking lots, residential areas, and industrial parks. The system's easy installation and maintenance make it an ideal choice for efficient operations. #

Vehicle Detect Only Boom Barrier Microwave Detector

Main feature

  • Vehicle detect Only Mode or Simultaneous Detection of Vehicles and Pedestrians.
  • Rated for harsh environments IP65 rated enclosure
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Low, Middle, High
  • Detection Distance Adjustable: 1-6m
  • Suitable for Straight Arm or Fence Arm



Technology   Microwave Doppler Rada
Operating Frequency    24.150 GHZ
Input Voltage           10-24 VDC ±10%
Detection Mode Motion
Working Current <150 MA
Output Power (EIRP) <20 DBM
Relay Pulse Mode   1-6s (Adjustable) 
Detection Angle (Horizontal) 0-28°
Detection Angle (Vertical)  0-60°
Detection Range  1-6M (3.3-19.7FT)
Dimensions  118*98*26mm    0.39*0.32*0.09 FT 
Operation Temperature  -40℃ ~ +70℃
Detectable Speed  20-90 ms
Housing Materials ABS
Relay Control Time 1-6s Adjustable
Degree of Protection   IP65

Working principle


The working principle of the Microwave Radar detector is based on microwave radar technology and can be outlined in the following steps:

  1. Microwave Emission: The system's microwave radar transmitter emits a beam of microwave signals, typically in the form of radio frequency signals.

  2. Microwave Signal Propagation: The emitted microwave signals propagate through space and encounter obstacles in their path, such as vehicles.

  3. Obstacle Reflection: The microwave signals interact with vehicles or other objects, causing them to be reflected back to the system.

  4. Microwave Reception: The system's receiver captures the reflected microwave signals.

  5. Signal Analysis: Captured microwave signals undergo analysis, allowing the system to identify characteristics such as signal strength, frequency, and other features.

  6. Vehicle Detection: Based on the characteristics of the microwave signals, the system determines whether a vehicle is approaching. If a vehicle is detected, the system triggers corresponding actions, such as opening the barrier gate.

  7. Control Operations: Depending on the detected vehicle conditions, the system executes predefined operations, such as automatically raising or lowering the barrier gate, thereby controlling vehicle passage.

The entire process is real-time, enabling the system to rapidly and accurately detect the presence of vehicles and automatically execute predefined control operations based on preset conditions. Microwave radar technology ensures stable performance in various weather conditions, making it suitable for diverse environments and scenarios.



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Company profile

JUTAI is a comprehensive Motion Sensor Photoelectric Sensor manufacturer that integrates research, development, production, sales, and distribution. We are driven by innovation and a commitment to quality, dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for our customers. As we build our own brand, we also aim to become a trusted production partner on your journey to establish and promote your own brand.

With over a decade of experience in research and production, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in wireless communication technology, automatic door sensors, and wholesale distribution of barrier gate operator. Our core business areas currently include a series of Automatic door sensor. microwave radar sensors for automatic doors, an infrared sensor series, loop detectors, a series of short, medium, and long-range wireless RFID card readers, barrier gates,  and parking Barrier Gate. All of JUTAI's hardware products are designed to complement access control systems, offering comprehensive solutions for access control, parking management, and parking guidance systems.   #Vehicle Detect Only

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