Proximity Mid Range Reader

Proximity Mid Range Reader 125KHZ Card Access Control

JUATI - RFID proximity mid-range reader supplier offers customers the 125 khz mid-range EM reader with a range up to 65 cm. The proximity middle range reader can be configured into many interface formats including Wiegand RS232 and is perfect for applications such as gate access or parking control. The proximity mid range reader provides users a hands-free access solution by letting the users flash their cards and stick them within a car to be hands-free access solution.

JUTAI offers all kinds of parking hardware gate access control equipments, including the mid range or long range proximity card readers, access control panel and access control management softwares for its customers. JUTAI gate access RFID proximity card readers can also work with the third party access control system


Proximity Mid Range Reader13.56 MHz Reader

Mid Range 125khz Proximity Card Reader Main Export Markets                            

Proximity Middle range reader is mainly used in Asia, Australasia, Central/South America, Eastern Europe, Mid East, Africa, North America and Western Europe.


Mid Range 125khz Proximity Card Reader Car Parking System                                                          

Proximity Mid Range Reader with barrier gate is perfect for for the parking management, users can enter or exit using the valid card reader. JUTAI also offer access control software for ID card management. It is a user-friendly car parking management system for the users.

A Mid-Range 125kHz Proximity Card Reader is a crucial component in modern car parking systems, providing secure and convenient access control. Operating at the 125kHz frequency, this reader allows seamless interaction with proximity cards or key fobs. In car parking applications, users can simply hold their cards near the reader, granting them access to parking facilities.

These systems enhance security by ensuring that only authorized vehicles and personnel can enter specific parking areas. Moreover, they contribute to efficient management and tracking of vehicle movements, providing data for billing, occupancy monitoring, and security records.

Mid-Range 125kHz Proximity Card Readers strike a balance between affordability and effectiveness, making them a popular choice for various parking solutions, including gated communities, corporate facilities, and public parking garages. Their durability, ease of integration, and compatibility with existing access control systems make them indispensable for maintaining order, security, and efficient operations in modern parking environments. #Proximity Mid Range Reader

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