Infrared Photocell Sensor

Infrared Photocell Sensor

Infrared Photocell Sensor Infrared Photocell Sensors Manufacturer for Automatic Gates

Jutai infrared photocell sensors work with all kinds of the automatic gate or door controllers, such as the sliding gates, swing gates or roller gates. The infrared photocell sensors usually used as a safety device for automatic gates controlling. The photoelectric beam sensors have transmitter and receiver for each, as that an object is detected when the light beam is blocked from getting to the receiver from the transmitter. IR-20M single beam photoelectric detector is composed of two parts, the transmitting and receiving devices. The photoelectric infrared detector's transmitter drives the infrared and emitting a modulated infrared beam and place an infrared receiver at a certain distance. The photoelectric beam sensor's receiver receives the infrared radiation energy through the phototransistor and finally converts into an electrical signal. After proper processing, this electrical signal is then sent to the alarm controller circuit.                                            


The Usage of Photocell Safety Beam Sensor

Photocell safety photo beam sensor is used as a safety device for electric gate to prevent gates from closing onto the approaching vehicles and pedestrians in the driveway. JUTAI photo beam security active detectors provide ranges up to 20m and are available for both horizontal and vertical fitting; The photocell infrared sensors have been upgraded to DESME photocells, the fittings are perfect for a direct swap.

Infrared Photo Beam Sensors Gate Safety Device 

JUTAI as the infrared photocell sensor provides the photocell safety beam that specially designed for all kinds of gates, such as sliding gates, swing gates, garage doors or overhead door. JUTAI photobeam detectors are also for barrier boom gate, alarm system or warehouse monitoring. 

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