High Sensitive Loop Detector 15μH-2000μH 

High Sensitive Loop Detector    15μH-2000μH                                                       

JUTAI inductive sensor single traffic loop detector is used for vehicle detection, for example, monitor or safeguard your access ways when vehicles approach. The single channel vehicle loop detector is useful in many ways, such as, door contorlling, barrier gate operator system, driveway mechanisms, and traffic light control system.

Jutai as the single channel loop detectors supplier, it provides the best single channel loop detector aim for parking system and driveway gate access control. Vehicle loop detector is to detect vehicle presence when sensing an inductance change which is caused by all sorts of  vehicle pasing over a wire loop detector that sits under the road surface.

LD-100 LD-102 LD-200 LD-202 JTHT-11

high sensitive loop detector

Single Channel

100-240 V AC

loop detector

Single Channel

12-24 V AC/DC

loop detector

Dual Channel

100-240 V AC

loop detector

Dual Channel

12-24 V AV/DC

loop cable

Loop cable

305 m Teflon coil








Gate Barrier Vehicle Loop Detector Two Relays Output

Jutai single channel loop detectors has wo separate output relays: presence relay A is knowed as  presence output which is extended for 0,2,5,8,10,15,20 or 30 seconds and access and program with external 10 way DIP switches. Another is pulse relay B, which is access and program with external 10 way DIP switches, it provides presence, pulse on entry and exit or failed output. #High Sensitive Loop Detector

Vehicle Loop Detection Sensor Applications

Vehicle detection loop sensor can be used for parking barrier gate control, vehicle access control, traffic control system, vehicle counting system, motorised gates and doors, security bollards, and camera trigger function, etc. There are also many other inductive sensor loops for special uses, such as traffic barrier arm loops, free-exit loops, safety loops and other loops. Those are for the general applications for sensing the vehicle and gate access control equipment.  


Loop detectors offer numerous advantages in traffic management. They efficiently detect vehicle presence and provide real-time data, enabling precise traffic signal optimization and congestion reduction. This technology aids emergency vehicle prioritization, contributes to cost-effective traffic solutions, and supports environmental goals by reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, loop detectors supply invaluable traffic data for long-term planning and safety improvements, such as pedestrian protection. They can be seamlessly integrated into intelligent transportation systems, enhancing overall traffic control. Despite their benefits, they may involve installation costs and maintenance, but their reliability and effectiveness make them a valuable tool for traffic management and safety.  #High Sensitive Loop Detector

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