Parking Guidance System Solution


 JUTAI Parking Guidance System Solution

 Parking Guidance System Solution


Project Background

With the economy’s continuous and rapid development, city residents own more and more cars. The contradiction between car and parking space is more and more serious in urban areas. Public parking lot can’t meet the increasing parking needs. The urgent problem which is how to take advantage of the limited parking lot to meet the parking requirements needs to be solved. And let car park in the parking lots is the key problem to reduce congestion in urban management.

Parking lots have the following common problems

❀ The administrator doesn’t know how many parking spaces can be used in the parking lots? It can only be figured out by human.

❀ Parkers do not get to know the parking space, and move in disorderly on the road after blindly driving in, which is easy to cause traffic congestion.

❀ The administrator needs to appoint lots of administrative staff to ease the parking of vehicles, which increases management cost for no reason.

❀ It is not possible to timely figure out  on the vehicle flow in different time  and the utilization rate of parking spaces in different areas, so that administrators can’t  make correct decisions to adjust resource allocation, resulting in low parking lot utilization and low earnings.

❀ The lights illuminate the parking space all day long, which consumes a lot of electricity, causing unnecessary waste and increasing management costs.

❀ To achieve high-efficiency, low-energy and high-earning parking management and informatization and intelligentization of parking management, so we have researched and produced an energy-saving parking guidance system on the basis of ultrasound as a detection method. This system is ingenious and excellent performance, and the parkers can know timely the real time vacant parking space and drive in quickly to avoid blindly driving in, to increase the road and parking space efficiency utilization and reduce traffic congestion, and so that reduce energy consumption ,emission of cars and management cost. At the same time, making use of energy-saving switch controls parking space lights, truly realizing the lights on when the car comes, and the lights when the car goes off", which fully saves power and reduces electricity bills.


System Definition

Parking guidance

Parking guidance system is a indication system which enables car to drive in the parking stall smoothly. In the general situation, it refers to smart parking guidance system which guides cars to park in the available parking space. And cars are detected by detector through vacant stall on the screen and the parking condition on the parking light. Drivers can park easily by these information. The system applies to effective guidance and management about in and out vehicles in parking lot. Easily parking and monitoring parking stall make parking lot more standard and orderly, increasing the utilization of parking space.

Ultrasound parking guidance

The parking space uses ultrasound detection technology, which detects reliably every parking space engaged or available. Installing on each parking space ultrasound detector can detect whether there is car on the position or not, and then management system will collect timely  all detection in it, in the end the system will releases parking and guidance information on the screen and annunciator through logic calculation.

Parking guidance

System’s Advantages And Features

System advantage

❀ Guiding divers to park easily and quickly, time-saving, gas-saving, energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

❀ Making statistics on the utilization of the parking lot, allocating resources reasonably, and increasing the benefits.

❀ Increasing parking management and image of property management.

❀ Reducing the input of human resources and cost.

❀ Making statistics about data, including traffic volume and usage rate.

❀ Operating independently without considering the location of computer and compatible with the system.

❀ Offering fashionable and powerful management software, convenient to manage.

System’s feature

❀ Simple and stable system structure

The two kinds of bus structure ,CAN and RS485 effectively lower construction difficulty and bus delay. The system simultaneously  uses CAN and RS485 bus structures. The CAN one has two-way transmission, long distance and stability, which ensure the system’s reliability and wide coverage. The cheapness and versatility of the RS485 bus effectively reduce the cost of system construction and the difficulty of construction.

❀ Convenient to wire, beautiful installation effect

Each terminal of this system uses DC24V power supply, and the LED parking display screens of each partition can be connected to any RS485 bus of any parking space controller, which will greatly reduce the wiring difficulty of the system. The wiring problem can be solved by using a 4-core wire.

❀ Flexible and simple partitioning

The system can manage up to 512 partitions. The partitions can be set flexibly and can contain one or more physical partitions. Each physical partition can be a single probe, the entire RS485 bus or the entire controller, so that users can flexibly set each partition, greatly Improve the applicability and accuracy of the system. Partition 0 is the entire parking lot, including all parking detectors in the entire parking lot.

❀ High accuracy of parking condition and strong anti-interference

The ultrasound detector above the parking space can accurately detect the current parking space condition, and at the same time, it has strong anti-interference ability. It can effectively detect whether there is a car in the current parking space and avoid the problems of moving objects and ultrasound  mutual interference.

❀ Easy to hang the parking space display

The parking space display screens of each partition in the system can be connected to any RS485 bus, and each RS485 bus can be connected to 8 display screens with different addresses, and each controller can connect 16 display screens with different addresses

❀ Independent operation without computer

After the system’s configuration is completed, the system can run independently without the management computer.

❀ Powerful data management software

Automatic device search does not need to be added manually, electronic map management is flexible, convenient and intuitive. The powerful system had report statistics, and software offers access to equipment upgrade, convenient for subsequent maintenance and upgrade, simple and beautiful interface and  easy to operate.


System’s Function And Composition

System’s function

Parking lot guidance management system is mainly applicable to large and medium-sized underground indoor parking lots and public parking lots such as government office buildings, high-end hotels and office buildings, railway stations, airports and shopping centers. The system is mainly used to improve the parking space utilization rate of the parking lot,and facilitate the administrator to better manage the parking lot, and improve the management level of the parking lot and social and economic benefits; on the other hand, it also eliminates  parking troubles for customers and saves customers time , improve efficiency, convenient for customers to park easily.

system's function

Parking Space Auto Guidance Function

After the vehicle enters, the parking space guidance system automatically detects the occupied or empty condition of the parking space, and the detected changes in the parking space are transmitted by the parking guidance controller to the parking guidance display in real time. The parking guidance display guides the vehicle to the best parking position. The parking space indicator guides the car owner to quickly and accurately find the empty parking space in the parking lot.

Electronic map

The parking guidance system software can directly display the parking space usage of the entire parking lot and the online condition of the equipment. The software can load the electronic plane figure of the entire parking lot in layers, and display the occupancy or vacancy of each parking space in the parking lot in real time and dynamically.

Automatic statistics of parking space

Through ultrasound detection of vehicles, the system automatically counts and calculates the entering and exiting vehicles in the parking lot. According to the statistical calculation results, According to the statistical calculation results, the system transmit the parking space information to the parking space display screen in real time, and automatically display the  empty parking space information on the parking space display screen in the parking lot  and the parking space software interface.

Vehicle management

The system can control real-time management of parking spaces, and administrators can look at relevant conditions. After parking, parking time can be monitored. After the vehicle is parked in the parking space, and the parking time of each parking space can be seen at any time in the control room.

Special parking space management

The system can set special parking spaces and parking space reservation functions., The parking spaces will not participate in the parking space statistics after special parking spaces are set.,which can facilitate the management of fixed parking spaces and the important people can park at any time.

Report statistics

According to the parking records of the parking lot, the system can make statistics on the traffic volume and parking space utilization rate, and generate corresponding reports. It also can count the daily, monthly and annual traffic volume and utilization rate of the parking lot and  export the report in EXCEL format to help managers to analyze and archive.

System’s self-check

The guidance system can check by itself regularly, and automatically alarm after malfunction, which is convenient for timely maintenance.

Chinese display screen

Chinese displays welcome words, remaining parking space information, parking space full and other related information of the parking lot etc,through LED display screen.

Opening data interface

The software offers a cross-platform WebService interface, which is suitable for various languages, and opens the data interface of the number of remaining parking spaces and the real-time condition of each parking space, which is convenient for system docking and secondary development.

System composition

The parking space guidance system installs ultrasound detectors on each parking space and detects cars in real time. It can detect whether there is a car in the parking space and send the data to the node controller. The node controller processes 4 485 lines. The parking space information on the parking space is sent to the central controller, and the central controller sends the parking space information to each partition parking space display screen and the management computer through parking space statistics; at the same time, the ultrasound detector controls the parking space indicator on the front of the parking space to display green or red according to the detection result ; It can be seen that the ultrasonic parking guidance system is composed of four parts: ultrasound detector, node, central controller, parking guidance display and management center software.

system composition

Ultrasound Detector

❀ Ultrasound detector is important part of the parking guidance system and is installed directly above each parking space. Use the ultrasonic distance measurement to collect parking space usage information in real time and control the parking space indicator to display different parking space conditions, and at the same time transmit the parking space status information to the sub-controller through the RS485 network in time.

Ultrasound Detector

❀ 8-level detection distance meets various installation environments of different projects.

❀ The receiving circuit adopts a variety of combined judgment methods to enhance the anti-interference and detection stability of the equipment.

❀ Using the advanced smart learning anti-jamming algorithm solves the interference of adjacent roads, sidecars and on-cameras, and the detection accuracy rate is more than 99.9%.

❀ The whole has undergone strict tests of static electricity, lightning strikes, surges, group pulses, etc. to ensure reliable use under the influence of harsh electrical environment.

❀ It can quickly and effectively detect the various states of the equipment. After the installation is completed, the communication condition of the RS485 equipment can be detected by one button, and the bus connection condition can be quickly diagnosed.

❀ Switch input and output interfaces can detect and control auxiliary equipment on parking spaces (such as parking locks, etc.), and various applications can be completed in one step.

Basic parameter

basic parameter

DIP Switch Definition

DIP Switch Definition

Detection distance comparison table

Detection distance comparison table

Basic parameter

Basic parameter

Light indicator condition

Light indicator condition

Parking space indicator

❀ The most direct display of the vacancy condition of the parking space.

❀ Directly controlled by the detector.

❀ When there is no car parked in the current parking space, it displays green; otherwise, it displays red.

❀ Unique appearance design, simple and elegant.

❀ The visual distance of the LED lamp beads is not less than 30m.

Equipment installation

❀ Installed directly above each parking space.

❀ According to the on-site construction environment, the installation height can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1.0~3.5m.

installation diagram

Installation effect

Installation effect

Central Controller

Central Controller

❀ The central controller is the core of the entire system. It counts and processes the full-empty condition data of the entire parking lot, and pushes the processing results to the guidance display screen in real time to realize the guidance function of the vehicle. High-performance 32-bit ARM platform, embedded real-time operating system, and full industrial design to ensure the stability and reliability of the product. The entire system controller can be upgraded remotely to meet user needs at any time.

❀ The communication between the central controller and the host computer adopts Ethernet communication.

❀ Using CAN bus industrial-grade communication interface design, so the signal communication is stable and reliable, and the transmission distance can reach 5 kilometers.

❀ The equipment has a short circuit, reverse connection, and wrong connection protection design to prevent electrical damage to related  equipment caused by short circuit, reverse connection, wrong connection and incorrect wiring during construction.

❀ 512 maximum management partitions (support 512 association methods).

❀ After the associated information is downloaded, the associated information is automatically saved, and it runs independently and correctly without the computer.

control board parameter

Parking space indicator introduction

Parking space indicator introduction

DIP switch

DIP switch

Installation effect

Installation effect

Node Controller

Node Controller

❀ The sub-controller is used to cyclically read the status data of the connected detectors, uploading the relevant information codes to the centralized controller, and at the same time receiving the available parking space information data from the centralized controller, and sends it to the guide screen for display.

❀ Adopting the internationally advanced imported 32-bit ARM processor and full industrial-grade design ensures the stability and reliability of the product. The entire system controller can be upgraded remotely to meet user needs any time.

❀ Using CAN bus industrial-grade communication interface design, signal communication is stable and reliable, and the transmission distance can reach 5 kilometers.

❀ The power supply adopts industrial-grade design, with short-circuit, over-load, and over-voltage protection.

❀ Adopting 4-channel RS485 communication interface design, each channel is completely independent and does not affect each other, and each bus can be connected to maximum of 32 RS485 devices, with high communication efficiency.

❀ It can quickly and effectively detect the various states of the equipment. After the installation is completed, the communication status of the RS485 equipment can be detected by one button, and the bus connection status can be quickly found.

Basic parameter

Basic parameter

Parking indicator introduction

Parking indicator introduction

DIP switch

DIP switch

Installation effect

Installation effect

Entrance Display Screen

Entrance Display Screen

❀ The outdoor guidance screen is composed of high-brightness LED modules, drive circuits, brackets, etc., installed at each entrance of the parking lot, and used to display the remaining parking space information in the parking lot. It receives the parking statistics information of the centralized controller, displaying the current number of vacant parking spaces in real-time in the form of numbers and texts, and prompts the driver of the vehicle who is ready to enter the parking lot. It is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

❀ Waterproof and dustproof design guide the large screen to adopt anti-ultraviolet painting, which is difficult to change color; (the simple appearance can be customized according to customer needs).

❀ Using perspex panel and cold steel painting for shell.

❀ Low power consumption design, with short circuit, overload, over current, over voltage protection.

❀ Adopt industrialized design, and undergo strict tests of static electricity, lightning strikes, surges, group pulses, etc., to effectively ensure the reliable use of the equipment.

❀ The luminous intensity reaches 1600mcd, and the visual distance is greater than 50m, and the visual angle is wide.

❀ Using perspex panel and cold steel painting on the shell,the indicator light is clearly distinguishable.

Basic parameters

 Basic parameters

Equipment installation

Installation on the ground at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, and the installation location and direction need to comprehensively consider the site environment.

Equipment installation

Installation effect

Installation effect

Directional Parking Guidance Screen

❀ The indoor guidance screen is composed of high-brightness LED modules, driving units, brackets and other parts.It is Installed at the important fork in the parking lot to receive the output information of the centralized controller, to display the number of empty parking spaces in the area in the form of numbers, arrows, etc., to guide the car owners to quickly find the empty parking spaces, and to ensure the unblocked parking lot and the full utilization of the parking spaces.

❀ The guidance screen uses perspex panel and profile shell with simple and concise appearance.

❀ Multi-directional display content can be used by various intersections.

❀ The shell is dust-proof and difficult to change color.

❀ The guidance screen is low-power design, with short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current, and overload protection.

❀ The green indicator is clearly visible and the lamp bead has strong luminous intensity with long visual distance, and wide visual angle.

Directional Parking Guidance Screen

Basic parameter

Basic parameter

Equipment installation

According to  visual environment, avoid other objects blocking and blocking between screens to install one-way, two-way, and three-way screens at intersections.

Equipment installation

Project Reference

Project Reference

Parking Guidance System Management System Software

Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System Software Installation Environment

❀ Operation System Platform: Win10/ Win7/ WinXP/ Win8/ WinService (X86、X64).

❀ CPU: intel core i3 and above.

❀ Memory: 2G and above.

❀ Display: 17inch(1024X768) and above.

Parking Guidance System Software Installation

❀ Installation Database: MYSQL_Setup_V5.0.exe.

Note: If you have already installed or installed the PLPP database, you do not need to uninstall or reinstall. If you need to uninstall and reinstall, please be sure to delete the D: \My SQL folder.

❀ Install JRE: jre7.exe.

Note: Support jre7 and above, if you have already installed it, you don't need to reinstall or uninstall it.

❀ Installing JUTAI ultrasonic parking guidance software: Parking Guidance System software Vx.xx_zh.exe.

Note: if parking guidance system software has installed already, You can directly overwrite the installation without uninstalling.

User Login

Clicking and Open JUTAI Parking Guidance System Software ,and enter into user login interface,The default administrator user: admin, password: 123456, the default common user: user, password: 123456.

user login

Overview Of Parking Spaces

❀ Powerful Electronic Map function, real-time and intuitive display of the car and non-car status of each parking space, real-time display of the remaining number of parking spaces on each display screen and synchronization of the on-site display screen information, real-time online and offline status and number of equipment, convenient for maintenance and management.

❀ Parking Space Icon Description: A-B-C means Sensor with C address of B Channels RS485 Cable under the controller with A address.

❀ Parking Display Icon Description: A-B-C-D means display with C address of B channels RS485 Cable under the controller with A address.

Parking space

Device Management

❀ Automatic search for all devices, automatic adding, no need to manually add devices, simple setting and operation, convenient and quickly.

❀ Searching Master Controller, Click”add Host”and hopping Searching windows, Automatically start the search, select the corresponding central controller and click “OK” to complete the central controller search.

Device Management

❀ Searching device and all device controlled by current centre controller,After searching, the device and partition information added by the system will be deleted. If you only need to add devices, please use "incremental search".

incremental search

❀ Incremental search, and keep the original device list unchanged, search for newly added devices and add them to the software, without changing the original device information and partition information, etc., after the search is completed, click "Save Data".


❀ Parameter Setting: Click left master controller,slave controller or display, The configuration information will display the configuration information of the current device, you can modify the configuration information and set the parameter properties; right-click the device list to delete the device, and display the number of devices and online status at the same time, and if the number of devices under the sub-controller exceeds 32 time-division controllers The name will be shown in red color as a reminder.

❀ Central Controller Configuration Information: CAN bus speed: the farther the CAN bus is pulled, the lower the CAN bus speed needs to be set.

central controller

❀ Slave Controller Configuration Information: lighting control partition, and when the parking space of this partition is full, it will display a red light, when the parking space is not full, it will display a green light. The light on and off time is to turn on or off the traffic light display at that time.

❀ Slave Controller

❀ Display Configuration Information: Configurable display type, number of displays, and display parameters for full and low parking spaces. The arrow position and arrow direction of each screen can be set according to the number of displays.

❀ Display Configuration Information:.


Map Management

❀ Powerful electronic map function, you can drag or select the icon device in the map at will. At the same time, the map supports lossless zooming. All icons support angle and size adjustment, making the electronic map more beautiful and intuitive.

❀ To add or modify floors, you need to make an electronic map. The electronic map can be exported from CAD, and then beautify the image through PS. There is no special requirement, as long as it is a picture format such as JPG.

Map Management

❀ Device Import,Import the devices searched in "Device Management" to the electronic map, select the device that needs to be added and click the OK Import button, the selected device icon will be displayed in the upper left corner of the map, drag each icon to the designated parking space or intersection, the system Automatically save the current position.

❀ Device Import,Import

❀ Partition management, and associated display screens and detectors, by dividing the area to specify the remaining parking spaces of the display area, you can click the left mouse button to select the device area that needs to be associated, select all the devices in the area, and then click the "Add" button, On the Associate Partition page, the device to be associated will be automatically selected, click the "OK" button, and complete the partition addition; modify the partition, select the partition that needs to be modified in the partition information box, click modify the partition and the partition can be modified and associated, etc.

❀ Partition management, and associated


❀ Parking Space Type Setting By evading guidance and distinguishing the color of the parking lights, the reservation of special parking spaces such as fixed guarantee, monthly guarantee, and fixed guarantee is realized Select the icon of the type that needs to be modified, click the button of "Set as Special Parking Space" or "Set as Ordinary Parking Space", and modify the parking space type to special parking space or ordinary parking space.

❀ Parking Space Type Setting\

❀ Download configuration information Modifying the configuration of the master controller, slave controller or display screen, adding and modifying the partition association or parking space type, etc., all need to download the controller configuration information and the parking sensor configuration information.


Data Statistics

According to the parking records of the parking lot, JUTAI Parking Guidance system can make statistics on the traffic flow and parking space utilization rate, and generate corresponding reports; it can count the daily, monthly and annual traffic flow and utilization rate of the parking lot, And it can realize the EXCEL format export function of the report, which is convenient for management personnel to analyze and archive.

Data Statistics

Other function optional

❀ Device Updating

JUTAI Parking Guidance System Software can offer device updating function,we only need to offer updating file, and can One-click upgrade of all controllers, all detectors and other equipment, which is convenient for system upgrades and function customization or later demand changes, which is convenient and quick.

❀ Device Updating

❀ Data Maintenance

The software can manual backup and recovery data ,and can manual clear car parking space info records, easy for maintenance and management.

❀ Data Maintenance

❀ User Password Updating

JUTAI Parking Guidance System  defaults to 2 accounts, Admin is the administrator and User is the operator, and different permissions are assigned. At the same time, the administrator has the highest authority and can directly reset the user’s password and operate all pages; the user can only view the parking space overview and On the statistics page, can only modify own password.

❀ User Password Updating

❀ User Logout

When the system is unattended, but data communication is to be maintained, you can  logout the user to prevent others from maliciously modifying or breaking the software. After the user logs out, the page will return to the login interface, and the background data can still be communicated normally.

❀ Opening Data Interface

JUTAI software provides a cross-platform WebService interface, which is suitable for various languages, and opens the data interface of the number of remaining parking spaces and the real-time status of each parking space, which is convenient for system docking and secondary development.


Normal FAQ Solved

Cannot search controller,The cause of this failure

❀ CAN Line wrong connection between master controller and slave controller.

❀ The network cable is not connect well.


❀ Check the CAN Line connection between the master controller and the slave controller; and make sure all connection not loose, CANH to CANH, CANL to CANL, do not short-circuit each other.

❀ Checking Main Controller and PC connection, make sure connection correct.

Can not search Sensor ,The cause of this failure

❀ Dial the address of the sensor according to the dialing method of the sensor address.

❀ Check RS485 cable, A to A, B to B, no virtual connection, no short circuit.


❀ Correct the sensor address,and make sure cannot conflict to other address.

❀ Wrong Connection to slave controller.

Can not search guidance display,The cause of this failure

❀ Guidance Display address not setting.

❀ Guidance Display wrong connection to master controller.

❀ Display address under this controller duplicated or exceed 16 unit display with different address under this controller.


❀ Dial according to the guide screen address dialing method.

❀ Checking the connection between the guidance display and slave controller,make sure connection not loose, A to A, B to B, do not short-circuit each other.

❀ Checking the address of the display screen is duplicated or not, and counting the number of display screens ,make sure not exceeds 16 unit.


Indoor parking guidance system


The above Introduction is JUTAI's entire parking guidance system from hardware to software to the installation. Now we will put the specific wiring schematic diagram for your reference. At the same time, we will also share some cases, JUTAI parking guidance system Outdoor solutions combined with traffic light signal control system in desert areas.

Indoor Application Layout

 Indoor Application Layout

Indoor Connection Details

JUTAI Parking Guidance System each controller can connect 32pcs sensor in max, and now i show each channel connection details.

Indoor Connection Details

Outdoor parking guidance system


The above applications are explained for traditional indoor applications. we mentioned some special case applications, but when we use the parking guidance system at outdoors, we need to solve the problems of the brightness and waterproof of the parking lights. We combined the traffic light to control the signal light, and made the innovation of the scheme to ensure that the indicator light can be clearly seen at outdoors, and at the same time solve the waterproof problem.

The following wiring diagrams are our solutions and references for outdoor applications in the Kuwait case site; and we have listed the specific requirements of each type wire request of the entire parking guidance system in detail. Parking Guidance System Solution

System Cable Request 

❀ RS485 Cable

A twisted pair of 0.5 square meters can drive a length of 200 meters, but the power supply must be considered to be reduced in voltage.

❀ CAN Line

0.75 shielded twisted pair can drive a length of 1000 meters.

❀ Power Cable

The power ac line also uses 1.5 flat * 3 cores, preferably brown + blue + yellow-green, which is the standard.

❀ 12v cable

If the 12V line is long, it is recommended to use 1.0 square or more. From control to our lamp, we use 0.75 flat*3 core.

Outdoor Application Layout

Outdoor Application Layout

JUTAI Parking Guidance Display Connect to Slave Controller

JUTAI Parking Guidance Display Connect to Slave Controller

JUTAI Successful Projects Reference

JUTAI Successful Projects Reference

TAIWAN Projects Reference: Parking Guidance System Solution






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