High-performance inductive vehicle loop detectors


High-performance inductive vehicle loop detectors Advantages 

JUTAI was built much experience in the parking and access control industries. Our vehicle detectors provide a high-quality high functionality experience. Functionality and reliability are of utmost importance for any vehicle control solution. One important factor of any such solution is the correct and repeated count of vehicles. Vehicles are detected by high-performance inductive loop detectors that are evaluated by JUTAI vehicle loop detectors factory. JUTAI inductive loop detectors provide the quality and accuracy needed to support parking, traffic and access control systems. We not only provide customers the reliability to detect vehicles but also a convenient installation method with our high-quality loop cable.

High-performance inductive vehicle loop detectors

We provide a loop detector with advantages of 90% reduction in power consumption, Self-turning Range 20-2000uh, and 2-5 years warranty. More than 10 years of experience and professional team offer top technology and exquisite design to satisfy customers. Our products and service have spread to over 90 countries worldwide and earned a good reputation in the domestic and overseas market, especially in the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia, where we have offered great support in traffic &parking projects as reliable loop detector provider.

high-quality veichle loop detector

JUTAI as an inductive vehicle loop detector manufacturer, there are the following advantages from the design, functions to applications. There are the following advantages of JUTAI inductive sensor loop detectors:


With multi-level sensitivity

JUTAI's high-performance vehicle loop detector has 16-ways sensitivities for adjustment, it can be used for different types of weight vehicles and meet the needs of various projects.


Widely detection range

The JUTAI vehicle detectors have a wide detection range from 15μh to 2000μh. All small cars, motorcycles, large trucks, container trucks, which can be detected by JUTAI inductive loop detector. The model is reliable and stable. The detection range of other vehicle detectors on the market is very narrow. Most of the detection values are in the range of 150μh-300μh. The main problem is that the car is detected and the motorcycle is not detected. If it can detect the motorcycles, but not detecting large trucks, resulting in many projects can't be applied, so it is very necessary that the choice of a stable and reliable vehicle detector in the parking lot, automatic door or traffic control system.

single channel loop detector sensitivity

Fast response time

we can detect the fast-moving vehicle. cause our response time is very short. when a vehicle passed, and the second fast speed vehicle coming, it can be detected by JUTAI loop sensors. but most of other brand loop detectors if working like this, sometimes it will hang out and even do not work again.

loop detector traffic control system

Fault output function

If the loop cable broke. JUTAI intelligent loop detector has a relay, which can output a signal that can connect to an alarm indicator. For this result, users do not need to repair it as soon as possible due to the high performance of JUTAI parking loop detector.



Superior temperature adaptability

The JUTAI High-performance inductive vehicle loop detectors is fully operational from -40 degrees to 75 degrees and will not be affected by a bad environment.


Wide project applications

The JUTAI vehicle loop detectors can be used not only in parking lots but also in the installation of vehicle access. Our vehicle detectors have also been successfully applied in the Malaysian traffic control system, Ghana's highway toll system, bicycles, traffic light control system, automatic door access control system, urban parking space guidance system, and direction identification.

vehicle loop detector barrier gate factory

And last but not least, JUTAI as a professional vehicle loop detector manufacturer, we made multi-voltage vehicle loop detectors, such as 100-240V in one unit, 12-24V in one unit, which can meet the needs of our all customers and reduce the stock cost. Because of other brands loop detectors from the market have 110V one unit, 220V one unit, 12V one unit, 24V one unit.

high voltage vehicle loop detectors


We believe that our customers have used our High-performance inductive vehicle loop detectors and will be very satisfied with our quality and service.

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