Proximity Long Range Reader GP99 Hands Free Distance up to 90-130CM

Proximity Long Range Reader GP99 Hands Free Distance up to 90-130CM

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: GP-99
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen China
  • Certificate:CE,FC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 1set
  • Average Delivery Time:after received payment 1-3 days
  • Payment Method:TT, Western Union
  • Package Details:Carton and bubble pack
  • Ability to Supply:500sets a month
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Hands-free Proximity Long Range Reader RFID EM Reader

GP99 is an extended range proximity long range reader featuring compact dimensions and read range of up  90 cm-130cm. EM card reader run from an excellent power supply and making it particularly suited to access control, car parking and through-wall reading applications. The reader reading range of up to 90-130cm, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Jutai RFID reader factory can provide competitive price GP99 reader price.

Proximity long range reader

Hands-free Proximity Long Range Reader Attributes

1. Compact and stylish case

2. Fully potted for greater weather resistance

3. Output format user selectable

4. Long read range

5. Compact dimensions

6. Auto tuning

7. Low cost

8. Encapsulated for environmental protection

9. Frequency: 125kHz

10. Interface: Weigand, RS232



1.GP-99 is stronger and long reading distance than other similar RFID readers.

GP-99 reading range up to 1.3 meters and it has a strong working mode and anti-interference ability, long distance, stable working, high resistance to metal pollution.

2.Can penetrate any brand solar film and low-cost RFID solution

Comparing with other frequency RFID reader, GP-99 can penetrate any brands solar film in the market to offer affordable 1.3m reading range without winding down the car window. Its reading range will not be affected or decrease 3-5CM by the V-KOOL( vehicle solar film).

3. Totally hands-free access control solution,

GP-99 with EM card, card sticker, so you no need to stop your car and wind down your car window to read the card. Other similar products need to stop the car to read card or flash card. So GP-99 hands-free solution can save your time and more safe.


GP99 Proximity Reader Advantage

No more hand getting wet during the rainy day

Our EXRF penetrative technology allows you to flash card comfortably from inside of your card without wind down your window;

Make your lifestyle more convenient;

More affordable passive card-does do not require a battery.

Decrease risk of robbery at car point

Add premium prestige reputation of your residential or commercial building;

Reduce overall system cost, no need to install, no need to install expensive awning or shade which is not effective during heavy rain; Awning also requires maintenance.


GP99 Proximity Reader Specifications

Power Requirements: DC 12V/2A 

Interface:Wiegand: 26 bits Wiegand: 34 bits RS232

Housing material: ABS

Interface Cable: 130 cm

Read Range: Up 90-130CM

Frequency: 125KHz, 

ASK Format: 64 bits, Manchester coding

Transponder: Read-only

Chip type: EM H4001 / H4002 compatible

ID code: 10 digits in Hex; 125KHz, ASK; 64 bits, Manchester coding

Rate timing: MOD 64 (64 clocks per bit) 

Audio / Visual indication: Internal LED and Buzzer


Proximity Long Range Reader Applications

Access Control

Car Parking Systems

Through-wall Reading Application

Personal Identification

Any Long Range reading Applications

Hand Free Applications


Proximity Long Range Reader Order information

  1. GP99 RFID Long Range Weigand Reader  
  2. MC-5 Composite Card 1.8mm 125Khz+13.56Mhz
  3. PPS-99 Particular Power Supply (230VAC/120AC)
  4. EM-51 Long Range Card 125Khz
  5. CS-56 Sticker


Proximity Long Range Reader Other Accessories

  1. BKT GP99 Gooseneck mounting bracket for GP99  
  2. GS-SD  Standard Gooseneck to Mount Access Control System

gp99 power supply

 Site Implementation

proximity long range reader

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