GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader with 12VDC Power Supply

GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader with 12VDC Power Supply

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  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: GP66
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen China
  • Certificate:FCC.CE

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  • Minimum Order: 1 set
  • Average Delivery Time:3-7 days after receive payment
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  • Package Details:1 set in one carton
  • Ability to Supply:1000 sets per month
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Waterproof GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader 

The GP66 Proximity mid range reader RFID reader provides a read range of up to 60 cm. It can be configured to provide many interface formats including Wiegand,  RS232 and is suitable for applications such as access or parking control. 125Khz EM reader is most used for door access system and outdoor. the waterproof is IP65.  It is working at 125Khz is suitable for most widely used RFID Cards some times called as Proximity card also middle range reader, 

GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader


1.Relay control

2.Auto-tuning function

3.Long read range

4.Wide voltage range

5.Externally programmable interface

6.Compact size


GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader  Specifications

Power Requirement

+12V DC (linear power supplies are recommended)


Wiegand 26 / Wiegand 34 / RS232 / RS485 or other optional

Typical Maximum Read Range

Range up to 1000mm even more longer in ideal conditions




Read Only

Audio/visual Indication

Buzzer output

Operating Temperature





about 1.5 Kg


Main Features

1. High sensitivity and reliable performance

2. Built-in transceiver antenna for maximum performance

3. Maximum effective distance up to 1000mm

4. Less than 100ms decoding time

5  Low power dissipation with single power supply

6. Multiple output format optional

7. Built-in buzzer

8. Potted for environmental protection

GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader

Trouble Shooting

When powered up,the Reader take a self-test to ensure the best reading performance with the buzzer beeping continually. when the self-test ends, the buzzer will give out a bug beep and the Reader enter the normal working mode. If the buzzer continue beeping without stop for a long time, please turn off the power and check out environment and power supply to ensure locating the reader in a good working condition. In case of problems the following procedure should be followed:

Failure to finish self-test with the buzzer beeping continually or with a short reading distance

1. Turn off the power to the reader

2. Check the power input connections making sure that they are not reversed

3. Check the power supply complying with specification

4. If the supply has a current limit , set this to 350mA

5. Make sure to install the reader A in a environment without large area conductors nearby a mounting on a conductive surface. In self-test state, do not apply any tags in Reader's functional area

6. Try to change the installment of the Reader 5150 to another place to check if the trouble still exists



Proximity cards are presented to the front of this ID long distance reader. The beeper sounds when the proximity cards is read and the message is transmitter the Host computer or interface panes.


Indoor/outdoor design

The Reader 5150 sealed in a rugged, weatherized epoxy resin enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance for reliable performance anywhere


Power supply

The Reader reader can be operated over the full range of 11.0~15.0V DC. If the reader power overrun 15V DC is applied,can't be operated, or If AC power is applied,circuit damage can result,12VDC linear power supplies are recommended.

Noise from devices such as switching power supplies, computer monitors, and arc welders can reduce the read range or make the unit inoperable. Keep these devices at least 10 ft away from the reader, With the Reader and power supply wired together, apply power to the reader.

GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader

GP66 Proximity Mid Range Reader  CAUTION

12V DC linear power supplies are recommended. Failure to provide an adequate current capacity power supply will result in reduced read range or circuit damage.

Read range will be reduced if located on metal surfaces or in the vicinity of metal objects or metal is installed nearby or the affect of switching power supplies, computer monitors, electrical and electronic equipment, motors and generators etc.

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