20m Detection Range Of Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector

20m Detection Range Of  Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector

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  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: IR-20M
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE/FCC

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  • Price Quote:Negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 10
  • Average Delivery Time:Sample order 3-4 days,normal order 5-10 days
  • Payment Method:TT/Western Union,PayPal
  • Package Details:Carton Box,11.5*11*3.5CM/Pcs
  • Ability to Supply:10000set/month
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20M Distance Infrared Photocell Sensor

20M detection range of single infrared photoelectric beam detector,there will has a problem with your infrared photocell sensor,which is when you press and release the wall button or remote control transmitter button and your garage door opener light blinks and the door will not move in the downward direction. In some cases your garage door may close part way and then reverse at some point during its travel and return to the open position. When that occurs, the light on your garage door opener will flash for a brief period of time.


How To Troubleshoot the Problem For 20M Single Infrared Photocell Sensor

When your garage door opener shows the symptoms described above, you can do a simple test to see if you are on the right path. Start by making sure your garage door opening is clear from people, pet or objects. Take a moment and examine the photo eyes closely for any spider webs, dust, debris, etc., and wipe off the lens. Also a brief note here, blowing leaves in the autumn are notorious for tripping photo eye safety sensors, check to make sure there are non blowing about your garage door.

If there is a problem that cannot be detected normally under normal detection, first we recommend opening the case and detecting the voltage on the control board. If the voltage is normal, the second step is to detect the infrared lighting. Usually these problems have been made in the production process. With strict quality control, so usually rarely problems.


20m Detection Range Of  Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector 


Products Name:20m Detection Range Of  Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector 
Power Supply:12/24VAV/DC
Detection Distance:With 20m Stable Detection Distance
Operate Temperature:-10degree to 60 degree
Max TX Working Current:25mA
Max RX Working Current:35mA
Max Relay Contract:Max.Range Up:20Meters(Indoor or Outdoor)
IP Rate:IP65
Cover Material:Anti-UV material
Can Working At Outside Directly
Face To Sunlight, Distance Not Reduce
OEM/ODM:OEM/ODM Service Offered
Warranty Life:24 Month
Color:Black Housing
Net Weight:160g


20m Detection Range Of Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector Connection Details

beam sensor


20m Detection Range Of  Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector Installation


  • Open the IR-20m,lift the front pannel of the Photocell;

  • Insert the cable in their housing and fix the base to the Wall;

  • If the photocell has to be mounted on a wall,drill the three 5Ø holes and fit suitable screw anchors;

  • If the photocell has to be mounted on metal,Drill the three 3Ø holes for fitting with the self-tapping screws;

  • Make the connections power photocells with a voltage can be 12VAC/DC or 24VAC/DC.

  • If positioning,alignment and connection have been carried out properly, the red LED on the receiver will be off;

  • Each Time the ray is interrupted, the Red LED switchs on .

  • Cover the photocell with front pannel;

  • Insert to the stop and close it ,interrupt the Ray several times,checking the relay response;

  • Fix the front pannels with the provided screws.


Photo Reference For 20m Detection Range Of  Single Infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector



photocellsphotocell sensors infrared safety beam sensor 


Normal FAQ for Outdoor Single Infrared Beam Detector 12/24v Photo Beam Sensor Active Infrared Beam Sensor

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Fulture For US 

We will bring all series  Outdoor Single Infrared Beam Detector 12/24v Photo Beam Sensor Active Infrared Beam Sensor.JUTAI is a very professional manufacturer of infrared Photo Eye Sensor. We not only manufacture photo eye beam sensor, we are laso manufacture all series vehicle loop detector, single channle vehicle loop detector, double channle vehicle loop detector,gate barrier,rfid reader, but also provide a full range of security solutions, which are to better support to our customers, so that customers do not have to worry about technical support in international trade problem, we usually provide a full set of technical support and multiple modes of service mode

High Quality Photocell sensor


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