JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener

JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener
JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener
JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener
JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener
JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: IR-20M
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE/FCC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 10Pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:Sample order 3-4 days,normal order 5-10 days
  • Payment Method:T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Package Details:Carton Box,11.5*11*3.5CM/Pcs
  • Ability to Supply:10000pcs/month
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JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for All Europe Gate

JUTAI is a very professional waterproof infrared photocell sensor manufacturer for gate opener. At present, more and more customers use our infrared photocell sensor in the gate control system, garage door control system and rolling gate control system. The more and more customers ask us to provide OEM and ODM  services.


JUTAI Waterproof Infrared Photocell Sensor for Gate Opener is the way to go. Attain peace knowing your family and vehicle will be protected from the occasional mishap that can sometimes occur. One or two carefully placed sensors can keep your automatic gate opener from closing accidentally on a vehicle or more importantly on a person. The JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener can be powered with 12/24 DC or AC voltage which can be conveniently powered off any JUTAI Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener low voltage automatic gate opener. It can be easily installed. The photocell also integrates an Internal Rotation system that the angel of the beam can be adjusted from 0-180 degrees. Working temperature: -10 degrees Fahrenheit to +70  degrees Fahrenheit. Waterproof grade: IP55.


JUTAI  Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener Details Parameter


Products Name:JUTAI Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener
WorkingVoltage:12-24 AC/DC
Detection Distance:20m
Can also be used with garage doors, alert systems, alarms, etc
Max.TX Working Current:25mA
Max.Rx Working Current:35mA
Max Relay Contact:Max 500mA 48vac/dc
IP Rate:IP55


What Service we offer for JUTAI Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener


JUTAI's mission is to serve customers and provide all series of stable and reliable photo eye beam sensors. Together with our customers, we are willing to provide a series of OEM and ODM services to help our customers promote their own brands. After years of accumulation, our customers are very confident in our quality and are willing to let us provide more and more professional products and solutions around automatic gate solution.


JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener


Connection Details For JUTAI Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor for Gate Opener


JUTAI's products are compatible with 12VAC/DC and 24VAC/DC, so our customers don't need to stock too much type model. One product can be compatible with almost all automatic door machines. For detailed wiring definition, refer to the following figure.


Photo Eye Beam Sensor


In the future, we are committed to providing a full range of reliable and reliable infrared products and solutions for automatic door Access Control  solutions and Alarm systems Solution around Infrared Products


  • Long Range Barrier Gate System solution
  • Automatic Gate Security Solution
  • Long Range RFID Reader and LPR Vehicle Plate Identification System
  • One Cards Solution Around The Whole Clouds Platform


JUTAI Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor


JUTAI IR-20M Infrared Photo Eye Sensor


Waterproof Infrared Photo Eye Sensor For Automatic Gate


Infrared Photo Eye Sensor For Road Blocker


Company profile

JUTAL as the best China barrier gate operator manufacturer mainly focus its business on developing the boom gate operator, vehicle loop detector and photo electric beam in the world. JUTAL also produces all series parking barrier gates, RFID serials readers wireless products for gate access solution. We have accumulated nearly 10 years of experiences in wireless technology and in barrier gate operator wholesale business. JUTAL also has its own barrier gate operator factory that owns perfect production lines mainly includes high-quality parking barrier gate, vehicle loop detector, single-channel vehicle detector, dual-channel vehicle detector, infrared photoeye safety sensor which including wired infrared photoeye beam sensor, wireless infrared photocell beam sensor, and 180 degree angle rotate type single infrared photoeye beam detector to be put into production line. Another production line is wireless RFID reader series, including 125K low frequency long distance proximity card reader 1.3m, 125K low frequency medium distance proximity card reader 1m, UHF long distance reader 9-15m 2. 45ghzmicro-wave active long distance reader 1-30m and semi-passive long X distance card reader, all of JUTAL hardware products are built around gate access system, and we offer a full range of access control solutions, parking management solutions and parking guidance system solutions and JUTAI Infrared Photo Eye Sensor. For many years, JUTAL has been adhering to the three principles of quality first, continuous innovation and service first. We have a very strict quality requirement for all our products. Over those years, three of those core standards have won the trust of our customers. In addition, we have professional technical teams for after-sales ser-vices and technical support For the products, we will be continuing to upgrade our technologies and provides better products for our customers.




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