RFID Cards/Tags

RFID Cards/Tags

RFID cards/tags Long Range RFID Cards/Tags For Barrier Gate Access

RFID mid range or long range cards/tags

JUTAI as the leading RFID long range access control card/tag supplier provides customers the strict quality control and make sure each RFID cards/tags can meet our distance requirements. JUTAI offers a range of cards, including 125khz long range proximity cards, UHF long range cards, active long range card, semi-active card as well as dual frequency cards. JUTAI can provide you a whole solution and meet your any gate access system requirements.


Long Range RFID Card/Tag Parking Entrance Solutions

JUTAI 125khz proximity card EM card works with GP-99 EM reader, the reading ability range is up to 1.3meter. This long range RFID card is considered as an advanced technology for this 125khz frequency. Compares to the traditional 125khz band which is only for short range 5-10cm, Jutai makes the RFID card/tag ranges to 1.3 meters for parking system, it is an ideal parking lot entrance gate solution.

JUTAI UHF passive RFID card/tag works with the UHF long range RFID gate reader, it can up to 8-12meters. UHF has limited to the vehicle Solar Film(V-KOOL), the UHF signal cannot penetrate the V-KOOL, therefore, users have to wind down the car window to read the tag. While JUTAI provides a good quality tag for UHF reader, users can use it outside the car and due to waterproof and it is not easy to damage.

JUTAI 2.45Ghz active long-range card and RFID parking reader is a safe solution for the users. People cannot copy it because the card is encrypted, the long range reader is adjustable within 25meter, people can adjust the distance according to the projects.

JUTAI semi-active smart tag can work with many other JUTAI Semi-Active RFID card reader models, middle range or long range readers which is also suitable for door access system, elevator access control, vehicle car parking lot system.


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