Active Long Range Card Reader and Smart Tag


2.45Ghz active long range card reader and card works on 1-20m adjustable range for access control solution and tracking system

JUTAI as an RFID manufacturer, We are provides customers with various RFID card reader solutions, including 13.56Mhz short-range reader, 125Khz medium range reader, long-distance UHF card reader and 2.45Ghz active long range reader. JUTAI 2.45Ghz Active Long Range Card Reader is often used in the parking management system. According to the site environment, The PR-2S reader can reach 30 meters adjustable.

active long range card reader

PR-2s reader can penetrate the wall, Vkool, solar film, completely hands-free, so that customers do not need to open the Windows in rainy days, avoid being wet by rain, greatly reduce the risk of car robbery at the entrance, is the parking lot access management, personnel management, cargo tracking and other applications ideal solution.

long range reader project site

PR-2S Active Long Range Card Reader Advantages

· Antenna independent

Most of the card readers on the market are integrated with the antenna, but this greatly increases the cost of maintenance and the difficulty of repair. JUTAI was dared to separate the antenna and its control board from the card reader itself, greatly reducing repair cost and power dissipation.

· DIP setting

PR-2s has the function of DIP dialing adjustment, which can independently control the reading distance, Weigand setting, loop detector selection and card number uploading time, and anti-rereading time setting, etc. It can be adjusted according to different requirements without additional computer software operation.card reader setting


· Reader Distance Adjusted

JUTAI's PR-2s reader card reading distance is adjustable from 1 to 25 meters, and the appropriate card reading distance can be adjusted by dialing the DIP to meet the different needs of customers. Worked with JUTAI ID-24 smart tag, the reader reading distance is more stable.

· Smart tag can’t be copied

ID-24 smart tag can’t be copied and are highly secure. It can give the user a high sense of security.

RFID smart tag/card


· Block

Compared with the traditional plastic cover, the hard shell cover has the function of convenient maintenance and better protection of the product, no waste , and no cost increase.


waterproof card reader

· IP65 waterproof rating

Our card reader with IP65 waterproof grade, can work perfectly in rainy days, no additional accessories, it can save your cost.


long range reader

· Loop detector function ( optional )

The vehicle can be managed by the inductive loop detectors function to reduce the malfunction and open the door. The JUTAI PR-2S active long range reader features a grounding capability for use with our vehicle loop detectors. For some special applications, you can connect to the ground loop detector. When the vehicle is pressed to the ground loop coil, the card can start working with the card reader, which makes the whole system highly reliable and safe.


loop detector control distance

· Long service life,  two years warranty

· With Wiegand interface

The PR-2S with Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34 allows customers to directly integrate with the existing access control system.


access control system management

· Products Package

Strict packaging is to ensure that the products can perfectly reach to our customers and work effectively. JUTAI has a professional quality inspection department and packaging department and pays great attention to quality control and packaging materials.


RFID reader package

We believe that you will be very satisfied with our Active Long Range Card Reader quality and service! For more information, please refer to our website or contact us:

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