Curve traffic controller

Curve traffic controller
Curve traffic controller
Curve traffic controller

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: JD213HF-C
  • Country of Origin:shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:CE,FCC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiate
  • Minimum Order: 1
  • Average Delivery Time:1-50pair, within 7days
  • Payment Method:T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Package Details:1pair one box, 100pair one carton
  • Ability to Supply:6000/per month
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Curve traffic controller

Curve traffic controller

Curve traffic controller specifications

traffic light controller


traffic controller

Slave Controller Dip Switch Setting




1. The vehicles on the curve both exit andentrance. Productslist:

 2pcs small trafficcontroller 2pcs traffic LEDlight

CHA 2pcs dual channel loopdetectorA

CH2 1pcs single loopdetector 2pcs Warninglight

W11 unit barriergate loop cable and powerline 2.Workingprinciple:

 When there is no vehicle on bothsides, both sides show greenlight, when there is acar

 When entering CH1B toCH2B (or when a car enters CH1AtoCH2A), The alarmW1(W2)sounds.

 At this point the light LB remainsgreen (LAremainsgreen),W2

CH2B whileLA(LB) is composed of turnred, novehiclesallowed,wait3seconds(6 seconds by dialcode)18

 Set theselection. If the car continues in directionB (directionA), the After a large number of vehicles arereleased, it is forced to switch to a red light and waitfor3seconds(6)

 If no vehicle passes in direction A(directionB) after seconds by the dialcode Both sides are in green lightstatus.

Note: count when entering CH2B in direction B or CH2A in direction A As anotation.

traffic light controller



1.The vehicles for three entrances andexits Productslist:

 3pcs small trafficcontroller, 3pcs traffic LEDlight

LA 3pcs dual channel loopdetectorW1

 1pcs single loopdetector 3pcs Warninglight

1 unit barriergate loop cable and powerline 2.Workingprinciple:

 When there is no vehicle on the threesides, the threesides all show greenlight, when there is acar

 When entering CH1B toCH2B, alarmsW1 andW2sound At thistime, the light LB is stillgreen, while LA and LCchange from green tored,

 No vehiclesallowed,wait3secondsW2

CH28(6 seconds by dialcode)CH1B

 If there are more cars in directionB, remembertoB

 After a large number of vehicles arereleased, itis forced to switch to a red light and waitfor3seconds(6) If no vehicle passes in direction A and direction C afterseconds (dialcode) All sides aregreen.

Note: count when entering CH2B in direction B or CH2A in direction A As anotation

traffic controller


About Us Company Background

SHENZHEN JUTAI COMM Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, with a registered capital of 2 million, is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, manufacturing and sales. The founders of the company have more than 10 years of work experience in the research and development as well as sales of RF products. At the beginning, JUTAI mainly focus on the development of a series of card reader from low frequency to microwave, including 125KMHZ, 13.56KMHZ, 868-915KMHZ, microwave 2.45 KMHZ and semi-active 125K&2.45G. As the development of the market, we expand a series of wireless infrared security detection equipment for access control, based on our self-developed hardware RF product technology. Photocell Family Group includes wired photocell with 20 meters sensing distance, wireless photocell sensor, wireless rotatable infrared sensor and reflective photoelectric beam sensor. In addition, to promote the in-depth application of the project, we have also expand a series of software and hardware solutions around industry applications. The project solutions we have developed mainly include parking management system, card reader access control system, visitor management system (LoveHome Solution), automatic door access remote control system (GateLink Solution), and the development of the large-scale cloud software management platform (JUTAI Clouds Solution).

Customer Philosophy

JUTAI  products and solutions have been welcomed by many countries around the world, with the efforts of company’s team, and the products quality and our service have won unanimous praise from overseas customers. We are committed to uniting customers in different countries to work on the in-depth extension of localized sales and relationship sales network, as well as localized technical support and after-sales service. We would like to work with customers in their own localized brand operations to develop and grow together with customers. Customers’ success is our success.


Quality Control:

For all the hardware&software products, before shipment, we carry out strict 100% quality control, from raw materials, semi-finished products, produced products, finished products, technical parameters testing to functional testing. We do not miss any detail, because we deeply understand that we can survive in the cruel market competition and the company will be stronger, only if the end customers are satisfied with the qualities. 

Product Service:

JUTAI are committed to establishing a complete technical support system, corresponding technical support and guidance services are provided throughout the entire process of sales including pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. For pre-sales, our business personnel will provide customers with detailed and thoughtful product function explanations. For after-sales, our training engineers will conduct product remote training and provide on-site installation guidance for customers. If customers have any questions, they can reflect to our technical support team. We will give prompt respond, and solve problems efficiently. For product problems, we will provide  hardware electronic theoretical maintenance guidance in detail. For simple questions, we will assist customers to complete repairs locally to shorten the entire after-sales time and cost and improve the end customer’s experience of the our service. Curve traffic controller, traffic controller, controller, Curve traffic light systen controller.

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