Loop Detection 12V 24V Access Control Gate Barrier Single Channel Loop Detectors

Loop Detection 12V 24V Access Control Gate Barrier Single Channel Loop Detectors

Product Details:

  • Brand:JUTAI
  • Serial Number: JTLD-102
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:CE, FC

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  • Price Quote:negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:sample order within 2 days, normal order 5-10 days
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union, PayPal
  • Package Details:140*90*55 mm(1 nos), 460*260*280 mm(50 nos)
  • Ability to Supply:20000 per month single loop detector
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Loop Detection 12V 24V Single Channel Loop Detector For Gate Drive Mechanisms

Jutai is a well-known single channel loop detector supplier of parking equipment and produces various kinds of gate access control security device, such as vehicle loop presence sensor, photocells beam sensors, barrier gate arm controller. A single channel loop detection system is a method of sensing vehicles and is typically used in the automated gate, activating card reader and parking card dispenser, etc.


Loop Detection 12V 24V Description

JTLD-102 single-channel loop detector is used for wherever vehicles have to be detected, for example for monitoring and safe-guarding access ways or for counting vehicles. The output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive mechanisms, operating barriers, controlling traffic light systems or activating card dispensers in parking lots. 

JTLD-102 vehicle loop detector is designed to accommodate numerous applications, can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection. JUTAI - as the leading vehicle loop detector supplier provides you four selectable loop frequencies(20~80KHz) can completely eliminate any crosstalk.


Loop Detection 12V 24V Technical Parameter

Power supply 112-24VADC(JTLD-102)
Frequency range Four steps switch selectable 20-80KHz
Sensitivity 16 way selectable /Highest 0.010% DL/L / Lowest 2.56% DL/L
Reaction time 10-90MS
Channel Single loop
Operating temperature -40℃ to +70℃ / (-111℉ to +158℉)
Relative humidity Up to 95% relative humidity without condensation
Environmental compensation

Automatic drift compensation

Output mode Presence Relay/Fault Relay output
Loop inductance 20-2000μH
Size 75mm*43mm*110mm
Visual Indications Power LED-Red / Channel LED-Green
Integral Fault Relay provide an output in the event of a loop fault condition.


Loop Detector Sensitivity Selection
The sensitivity of the loop can be adjusted by the trimpot labeled “Sensitivity”. User can select 4 different setting by turning the trimpot with 0 being the least sensitive and “4” being the most sensitive. 
Loop detectors in recent years have become a popular tool having innumerable applications in policing, right from surveillance operations to traffic control. Automation of gates and doors has become a popular usage of the loop detector.
The JTLD-102 vehicle loop detector is compatible with most gate operators. The JTLD-102 may be used in Center, Safety and Exit loop positions. Fifteen sensitivity settings allow for fine adjustment of the detection level.

Loop Detection 12V 24V Sensitivity Selection


Barrier Gate Vehicle Loop Detector 12V 24V Applications

The JTLD-102 Enhanced single channel Loop Detection 12V 24V can be used in a variety of applications in the parking and door/gate environments:
1. To arm card readers and ticket dispensers.
2. As a barrier/gate/door closing detector.
3. As a barrier/gate/door opening detector (Free exit).
4. To generate pulses for counting vehicles.  


JUTAI Vehicle Gate Loop Detector Ordering Information

JTLD-100  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC(EU standard)

JTLD-102  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC(EU standard)

JTLD-105  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC(USA standard)

JTLD-106  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC(USA standard)



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