Dual Channel Loop Detectors

Dual Channel Loop Detectors

Dual Channel Loop Detectors Dual Channel Loop Detectors Automatic Gate Control

JUTAI dual channel loop detectors are connected with your gate control pane and release your gate when the loop senses vehicles in your driveway. This driveway gate vehicle detector works perfectly with all Jutai gate access systems. The dual channel inductive loop vehicle detector can be used for gate opening or prevent from closing.

JUTAI is professional underground loop detector manufacturer with the factory that focuses on the gate access system and equipments, the two channel multi-voltage loop sensor is primarily perfect for the complicated multi-lane access control, directional entry or exit using logic, as well as vehicle counting system and also works in single driveway traffic light project applications. JUTAI dual channel vehicle loop detectors have become a popular product for all kinds of related applications in recent years, for instance, traffic controlling, industrial gates, parking lot automatic barrier gate or for parking bollards.


Dual Channel Vehicle Loop Detector Function and Advantage 

Wide range of Loop detection Value: the detecting range can be from 15-2000uH value, JUTAI multi-voltage vehicle loop detector can maintain at stable work status no matter how the inductive value change.

Able to detect many types of vehicles: JUTAI dual channel loop detector can detect all kinds of vehicles with different height and weight.

Adapt to bad environment: All of JUTAI dual channel traffic detectors are able to do the temperature testing and corrosion testing range from -40 degree to +70 degree, always in its best performance. 

Main Features: Double coil model is able to do the vehicle driving direction detection with high temperature stability and automatic fault detection function, automatic switch-off function and anticollision function. It can be used in barrier gates system.

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